Sylvain Laine peinture erotique
Sylvain Laine peinture erotique
Sylvain Laine peinture erotique
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Sylvain Laine Peinture érotique

The exploration of my erotic art is a journey in forms and colours symbolism in wich hearts radiate an energy of freedom. My models do not represent "victims" of life. What they are is the manifested force of the rebel spirit ; What they are is non conventional poetry. What they are is united yin and yang sensuality.

New : the film on youtube (Links). A small personnal assembly 2,29 minutes. The erotism is the sublime emotion, the take-off in the energy of love ...

"Les petites femmes de la marine", these women with the so white skin, stars of freedom, dreams of softness ...

"Les fêtes de l'amour/Feast of love"

 Other ambiances and follies, but always the same needs, "The legend of Cap d'Agde", an erotic art exibition. (42 photographies).

 If you have appreciated the virtual art exibition, please contact me.

S. Lainé

Sylvain Lainé / Artiste peintre

tél : 06 28 28 04 38